Take Down Policy

Avinaux is an educational solutions and service provider. As a responsible player, we respect the
legitimate rights of the copyrights owners and as a safeguard of the same hereby adopt this Notice and
Takedown Policy and procedure.
Avinaux may, adopting the concerned industry’s standard practices, utilize different videos which are
freely available on YouTube, etc and do not bear any copyright mark or notice. It is sincerely believed
that the said videos have been uploaded on the said channels by the owners with the motive of further
dissemination. Source codes of the said videos have often been provided by the concerned owners for
use by third parties. We do not claim any copyrights in the said videos and the same will be used by us
for non-profit purposes almost exclusively in the free section with a view to imparting of education.
Avinaux abides by the Copyright Act, 1957 and the Information Technology Act, 2000 [as amended in
2008] and the rules framed there under. As and when infringement of legitimate copyrights are alleged
through written notices by the rights-holders, we will respond after verification by removing or disabling
access as soon as possible to allegedly infringing material residing on our portal.
Avinaux may be submitted a written and duly signed copyright infringement notice by the rights-holders
in the form of registered postal correspondence and/ or e-mail at the addresses given in the Contact Us
page as well as at the bottom of the Home-page, providing specific details including URL of the audio-
visual-pictorial-textual work for smooth and quick identification of the same and requisite action
thereupon. This need not be a legal notice, still should follow the established procedure.
Avinaux legitimately requires the notice to include a statement as to why we, as third party, are not
supposed to use the material in the said manner. The said notice should have identification and address
details including telephone and/or mobile numbers of the rights-holders in order to facilitate
communication between us and them.
Avinaux invariably demands the notice to incorporate a declaration in the form of a statement that the
information contained therein is accurate and that the notice-giver is the copyright owner or is
authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.
Avinaux would like the aggrieved parties to understand that chunks of study material are provided by
different persons or teams relying on various sources. It is humanly not possible for the management to
verify the genuineness of each and every material. However, when we become aware on our own of
apparently intentional and factual infringement, we respond expeditiously by removing, or disabling
access to the material that is found to be the subject of infringing activity.
Avinaux acts in good faith with intent to serve the community and expects the users/visitors of the site
to act accordingly. Our general aim should be dissemination of knowledge without infringement of any
entity’s rights.

Avinaux declares it in clear terms that if our copyrights are intentionally infringed upon with a
commercial intent, we reserve the right to serve notice or take action in accordance with the law of the
land. This is our stated policy.