Basic Numeracy Test

Basic Numeracy Test for CSAT

UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper-2.
Welcome to Daily Practice Module of Basic Numeracy Test!


  1. This sample quiz consists of four items/questions.
  2. Items are subject to change on revisits.
  3. Of the four options, only one is correct for each question.
  4. Each item carries 2.5 marks. Total Marks: 10.
  5. 1/3rd of the assigned mark will be deducted for each wrong choice made.
  6. Total Time: 5 minutes. The timer starts when you press Next.

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Basic Numeracy Test

June 4, 2020

Welcome! Press Next to start. All the best!

1. If the cost price of 10 shirts is equal to the selling price of 8 shirts, then which of the following is true for the transaction?
2. Which of the following is not true for an exterior angle of a regular polygon with n sides?
3. The standard form for 234000000 is
4. The sum of three consecutive multiples of 7 is 357. Find the smallest multiple.

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