About Us

Avinaux is an aggregate of versatile individuals networked for academics of universal excellence. We are an educational solution and service provider out there to de-clutter and de-industrialize the education sector. To the parents, the education industry presents today a baffling host of choices and options – both offline and online – so overwhelming that they find themselves not liberated rather engulfed. The young citizens have no way not to succumb to parental and peer pressure. Unknowingly, we the parents take our own wards more as in-process products than as human beings.

Our Clientele

Thanks to the marketing behemoths, we are today free to be un-free. All too often we make the wrong choices as to where to enrol our wards. Avinaux presents to the local private tutors a platform to showcase their expertise and get ranked by the end-users. This way the parents and the students can make a considered choice. The tutors themselves would get a wider horizon of audience and clientele. This will be one of our key offerings.

Secondly, such parents who are themselves not teachers think their duty of educating their wards over if they can finance their education and send them to certain destinations for coaching. Even educated parents are afraid to get themselves involved with the actual process as they have got fed with the wrong notion that the syllabi have transformed and evolved enormously. No, they haven’t. The basics are still the same. Newton is still Newton. Milton is still Milton, the same. Avinaux would strive to empower the parents so that despite their busy schedule they can offer real help to their sons and daughters while keeping a tab on their academic growth.

Endeavoured on Dec 22, 2018, and refurbished and re-launched today on the 71st Republic Day, Avinaux thus stands alone in the labyrinth of online educational platforms as a tool of empowerment geared to serve primarily the parents and the tutors with a focus on the region of your choice. As they already are working adults with access to all the necessary print study material as well as a multitude of apps, we will consciously follow the DRY method – Don’t Repeat Yourself. Thus, the platform will have minimal content with all the content being equally important.

Team & Policy

Based in Jamshedpur, Avinaux has its team scattered geo-spatially but networked all the while as the acronym spells out in no uncertain terms. Wait for us to present our team shortly on a dedicated page. We take this opportunity to invite you to join us as parents, teachers and earnest users. Yes, we will publish your contributions and experiences in the journey called education. Every month – if not daily or even weekly – we learn something new. Showcase it here. Let the world learn from you.

As a responsible player, Avinaux respects the legitimate rights of the copyright owners as per our Takedown Policy and the privacy of all the stakeholders as per our Privacy Policy. We are open to complaints, criticisms and suggestions. To get to us, reach out to our Contact Us page.