A Shorter Profile of the Killer

A Shorter Profile of the Killer

Scientists call coronaviruses with that name due to their appearance. Viewed under an electron microscope – well, how else do you view them – they resemble the solar corona. These are crown-like structures conspicuous by protruding protein spikes. This much we all have come to know by now. What else do you know? Take this Coronaviruses Quiz. This way you can have a Profile of the Killer.

This being an evolving issue, more items will be added later to complete the portrait. A relief: this is a non-graded quiz. So, you can take chances. Moreover, you don’t have to face all the balls at one go. Only five items turn up at one take. Ok. Take a shot. Or, read about the Origin and Evolution of Coronaviruses. You can also download the Master Species List from the site of International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses.

Coronavirus Quiz

July 12, 2020

1. What is the highest taxonomic rank into which virus species are classified?
2. Approximately how many virus species are known?
3. Which realm does novel coronavirus belong to?

Taxonomically, which family do coronaviruses belong to?

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